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Rize Pant

Rize Pant

These are essentially a stripped down version of our mid-season Altitude pant. Of course, we couldn't keep everything the same as our altitude pant but for those that wanted a little less bulk on those back country hunts that last for a while we did keep the frustration free waistband lined with silicone to keep your shirt from that awful crack exposure. We took away the thigh cargo and calf practice arrow pockets to reduce weight on those long hikes. For the hunters that can’t go anywhere without their phone we kept the cell phone pocket on your back hips (and it doubles as a magazine pocket) where you can still access it with your pack on, and you can even sit down and still get to your phone! We still fixed your SWALLS. Our patent pending NNS system takes care of your precious cargo while you bust your butt to get in your stand or stalk your animal, because we know you sleep in. Simply unzip the NNS zippers in the crotch and let the jewels wake up with a breath of fresh air all while the mesh vent keeps out unwanted visitors. Trust us when we say… you have never felt something so refreshing for your manhood during a hot pursuit. And last but not least we put a convenient hem loop and strap so you can hold your hem to your boot, just in case you forgot your gators.


  • NNS System gusseted crotch vents, lined with mesh fabric to allow air flow
  • Back zippered seat pocket
  • Back cell phone/ magazine pocket on both sides for your convenience
  • Hip zippered vent lined with mesh fabric for increased air flow
  • Inside Leg Hem loops and inner lower leg zipper allow you to connect your pants with your boots, turning your pants into gators
  • Waistband lined with silicone bands to keep your shirt tucked in or simply keep your pants in place


  • 195 GSM
  • DWR water repellency technology

28WX30L, 28WX32L, 30WX30L, 30WX32L, 32WX30L, 32WX32L, 32WX34L, 34WX30L, 34WX32L, 34WX34L, 34WX36L, 36WX30L, 36WX32L, 36WX34L, 36WX36L, 38WX32L, 38WX34L, 38WX36L, 40WX32L, 40WX34L, 40WX36L